20 August, 2017

Responding to the one-word prompt of the day, as seen here :



What type of trance are we talking about here? Someone in a trance? Trance music?

I can’t give you any description of what it’s like to be under a trance exactly… Having recently began the practice of Yoga and Meditation, I can give you an idea as to what that trance like state feels for myself.

It’s peaceful. Relaxing. That is, it can be when I finally get my brain to stop going a mile a minute.

I’ve been using Yoga and meditation to assist with my anxiety and clinical depression. I have found that it does help with the depression. Most likely because the feeling of nothingness is calming. The anxiety, not so much. I get anxious about loosing myself too much. Anxious if there’s someone watching, critiquing, and judging me while I try to focus on healing from the inside out…

As I said, I’ve only recently began the practice and I’m hopeful that it will make a positive impact on my life and in turn the interactions with those around me since I’ll be in a better place physically and mentally.

Regarding the Trance genre for music… You’re on your own for that one. I can’t say I’ve ever really been into it.

Peace, love, and plenty of caffinated beverages to you and yours ❤



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