Being a Floridian, accustomed to being reminded of hurricane season and to always be prepared (boyscouts sell great popcorn btw). However, it had been thirteen years since a hurricane actually hit the state of Florida… Thirteen years since we’ve had to handle mass power outages, severe property damage, and loss of lives… Hurricane Harvey woke the United States up. We realized we needed to make sure we were better prepared for evacuations and post disaster assistance. Then Irma came…

This bitch… Destroyed the island’s. Has caused mass power outages, flooding, and reminded everyone in the State of Florida that we are lucky.

I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The Gulf Coast of Florida. We were fortunate. We have power. We are safe. The dogs are safe. Not everyone has been so lucky…

I want to take this time to remind everyone who may read this post to please make sure you have a plan.. have your plan to stay safe. Be prepared. And if you’re told to evacuate, fucking leave your house.

❤ Casey


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